About Us

The Jewelry Trades Building was erected during the Great Depression. Beginning as a center for retail & manufacturing, it has various functions. In 1931, the building was renovated as we know it today. For over 80 years, the building is the center for the jewelry trade business in the Tristate area. Throughout its history, and even to this day, it is considered to be the best, most secure and convenient place to purchase manufactured jewelry. Other than a few retail shops on the first floor, the remaining five floors are home to over 42 tenants that manufacture and cater to the jewelry trade necessary to bring fine jewelry to the Tri-State area. The average tenant has been in the building over 20 years, with many over 40 years. Passing down through generations the art of manufacturing and crafting fine jewelry, any tenant from a watchmaker to a diamond cutter to a rind caster, they form a unique synergistic center for a “one-stop” jewelry trades building supporting the jewelry business in the region

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